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Assessor online course Skills Dynamics Africa

Assessor (US115753 / US115755)

Understand outcomes-based assessments & how to prepare for them with this online course.
customer service online course Skills Dynamics Africa

Customer Service (US114974)

The perfect online training course for anyone interacting with customers, whether internal or external.
moderator online course Skills Dynamics Africa

Moderator (US115759)

This online course teaches moderation within the outcomes-based assessment system. PLEASE NOTE you can take this course if you are already qualified against the Assessor unit standard 115753.
modern supervisor online training Skills Dynamics Africa

Modern Supervision (US14667)

This online course will allow Junior Managers, Small Business Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Section Heads to develop their management skills and functions.
project management online course Skills Dynamics Africa

Project Management Tools & Techniques (US120385)

This online course is perfect for Team Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs who wish to improve their Project Management skills. Learn useful tools & techniques to improve your productivity.
telephone etiquette online course Skills Dynamics Africa

Telephone Etiquette (US14348)

An online course for receptionists, secretaries and personal assistants. Perfect for anyone in an admin role that needs to use the telephone effectively and professionally.
time management online course Skills Dynamics Africa

Time Management (US242811)

With this online course, any manager, entrepreneur or team leader can skill-up on how to manage time & prioritise tasks.