National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices (50334)

The certificate covers the entire education, training and development process: identification of training / skills needs in your organisation, developing learning material, facilitating learning programmes, assessing the effectiveness of learning, moderation to ensure quality of learning and assessment, workplace mentoring and coaching to assist learners in achieving their potential and co-coordinating the learning programmes. In doing this your organisation can ensure full compliance and achieve a strong return on investment.

The six programmes covered are:

  1. Facilitate and Evaluate Learning (4 days).
  2. Skills Development Facilitator (4 days).
  3. Conduct Assessments (3 days).
  4. Mentoring and Coaching (3 days).
  5. Moderate Assessments (2 days).
  6. Design & Develop Learning Programmes (4 days).

NQF Level 5 (136 credits, SAQA ID 50334)

Duration: 20 contact days (over a 1 year period)

Entry Requirements: Practitioners must have expertise in the subject/occupation field in which they intend to provide education, training and development, at a level required to engage meaningfully in ETD within that field.
It is also assumed that learners working towards this qualification hold a Further Education and Training Certificate or equivalent. Further learning assumptions are specified within the associated unit standards where required.

Who Should Attend?

  • Material Developers
  • Training Facilitators
  • Assessors and Moderators
  • Mentors and Coaches
  • Skills Development Facilitators
  • Human Resource Practitioners

Location: this course is held on-site at the client’s venue.

For more info please open or save the full course synopsis: National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices (PDF)

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